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IdeaLoom is a Collective Intelligence platform, which allows large communities to hold a meaningful conversation at scale, reach a common understanding, and develop solutions beyond what each participant could have envisioned.

IdeaLoom allows a structured navigation of conversations on complex issues, through a unique synthesis of social software and iterative concept mapping. IdeaLoom hosts (or imports) conversations in a traditional threaded forum, and designated participants identify key ideas in the conversation and build a dynamic concept map of the conversations. The concept map provides a shared reference point for the content of the conversation, and allows participants to navigate to relevant parts of the conversation without wading through all messages. This way, the conversation can scale up and include contributions from busy participants who would not have read the whole conversation.

IdeaLoom is based on Assembl, which has been under development since 2013, and has been used in both public and corporate large-scale discussions at Bluenove since 2015. IdeaLoom is being perfected by Conversence to research how advanced concept mapping capabilities could realize the initial vision of Assembl for shared understanding. Conversence is committed to making IdeaLoom into the reference platform for collaborative collective intelligence.

IdeaLoom is open-source under an AGPL license, and you are welcome to try out our demonstration site, fork us on github, use our docker image, read our technical documentation.